仕事 = 価値を生み出す時間
身体 = 自己管理の時間
知識 = スキルアップの時間
気力 = 心地良い時間






More pleasant life with own force

To build more balanced comfortable life, The new brand, proposing original craftsmanship to support lifestyle, was born.

Soul Soils considers how to live pleasantly by balancing 4 aspects.

Career = time to discover own value
Body = time to manage own health
Knowledge = time to brush up own skill
Energy = time to regain comfort

The balancing these aspects depends on people’s age or any phase of their lives. It is like an amebic; organically transform its body adjusting to the environment. However, we tend to lose track of own balance in the midst of busy schedules and it would fall apart without noticing.

If we can live consciously about preserving own comfortable balance and making it happens by own force,

Soul Soils believes in “Self empowerment” to develop own comfort zones through proposed original environment friendly food products and inspiring products that are corporated with craftsmen who also practice balancing lives.

Our product is engaged in great care with craft artisans who have own policies.
It is our important mission to introduce this precious process.

We hope to introduce inspiring artisans and amazing nature to touch on their ideas and sincere way of lives. If we can learn from them, it would be our great pleasure.

It is our wish to continue weaving people to people and land to land under these attitudes.